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Union With Christ

Union with Christ

Sinclair B. Ferguson

What does it mean to be a Christian? Common answers to this question can be contradictory and confusing. Is Christianity simply an ethical system or a set of doctrinal beliefs? In Union with Christ, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson surveys one of the Apostle Paul's favorite phrases to describe the essence of the Christian life: being "in Christ." This twelve-part teaching series explores what it means to be "in Christ" and how these two simple words can reshape our entire existence.

This study guide is a companion to the video teaching series. Whether you are using the DVDs, streaming the videos on, or going through the course in Ligonier Connect, this resource is designed to help you make the most of the learning experience. For each message in the series, there is a corresponding lesson in this guide. Here is what you will find in each lesson:

The introduction is a brief paragraph that summarizes the content covered in the lecture and considered in the study guide lesson.

How to use: Use the introduction to each lesson to get a sense of the big picture before watching the video. Refer to these statements as you work through the study guide to remind yourself of what you have already covered and where you are headed.

The learning goals are the knowledge and skills the study guide lesson will endeavor to equip you with as you work through the lecture content.

How to use: Familiarize yourself with the goals of each lesson before engaging with its contents. Keeping the overall purpose in mind as you watch each video and reflect on or discuss the questions will help you get the most out of each lesson.

The key ideas are the major points or takeaways from the lecture.

How to use: Use these ideas to prepare yourself for each lesson and to review previous lessons. They describe specifically the knowledge each lecture is communicating.

The questions are the guided reflection and/or discussion component of the lesson that are intended to help you prepare for, process, and organize what you are learning.

How to use: Reflect on individually or discuss in a group the questions in the order in which they appear in the lesson. The time stamps in the right margin indicate where the answers to questions during the video can be found.

The prayer section offers suggestions for how to close the lesson in prayer with respect to what was taught in the lecture.
How to use: Consider using each lesson's prayer section as a guide to
personal or group prayer. These sections follow the ACTS prayer model, which you can learn more about in R.C. Sproul's Crucial Questions book• let Does Prayer Change Things? This helpful guide is available as a free e-book at

The review quiz is a set of six multiple-choice questions that appears at the end of each lesson.

How to use: Use each quiz to check your comprehension and memory of the major points covered in each lecture. It will be most beneficial to your learning if you take a lesson's quiz either sometime between lessons or
just before you begin the next lesson in the study guide.

The answer key provides explanations for the reflection and discussion questions and answers to the multiple-choice questions in the review quiz.

How to use: Use the answer key to check your own answers or when you do not know the answer. Note: Do not give in too quickly; struggling for a few moments to recall an answer reinforces it in your mind.

Join us each Sunday at 9 AM in the Ministry Building to learn what is to be a Christian.