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I Peter 1:1,2 "These who reside as aliens"

May 22, 2022

Topic: Salvation Passage: 1 Peter 1:1-2

I Peter 1:1,2 "These who reside as aliens"
• Everything scripture teaches and I have learned about "God's
Salvation" is revealed in I Peter 1: 1-10.
1. Where do you reside?
o What is your residence?
o How did you come to reside where you live?
o What does it (the place you reside) look like?
o Is it a reflection of you?
o What should it reflect?
o Who~ (where you reside) and on the basis of what? Read
Acts 8: 1,2 in light of the Christians Peter is writing to in I Pet.

2. Where the Christian resides ill "according to" what?

3. Where we reside should be a direct reflection of the "will of God"
in light of any of the prevailing circumstances in our life!