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Family Values

A Biblical View of Family and Family Ministry


The Blessing of Children

We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord.  They are a special picture of God’s kingdom to the world.  We reject our culture’s view of children as financial burdens or as inconvenient possessions.  Instead, we rejoice with those who receive a few children or an abundance of children, and mourn with those whose prayerful plea for the blessing of children has gone unanswered. (Psalms 127:3-5; 128; Genesis 1:28; Proverbs 17:6; Job 42:12-16)


The Nobility of Motherhood

Motherhood is a high and honorable calling.  While not every woman is called to be a wife and/or mother, those who are have an incredible responsibility; a noble calling. (Psalm 113:9; Ps. 127:3; Psalm 128:3; Proverbs 31:27-31; Titus 2:3-5)  


The Honor of Fatherhood

Fatherhood is an honor and a responsibility given to man by God.  Fathers are called to be the spiritual initiators in their home and to model servant leadership to their families.   (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Psalm 127:4-5; Psalm 113:3; Ephesians 6:1-4; II Tim. 3:14-15)


Family Discipleship

While the church is called to make disciples, it is clear that God has given the parents as the primary discipling agent for their children.  Today families take on many different shapes and sizes with various backgrounds and life stories to share, but no matter how a family came to be or what your family looks like, the call is to follow Jesus.  In light of that, parents are called to connect with a local body of believers and actively partner with them in bringing up their children to take their next steps toward following Jesus whole heartedly.  Children are entrusted by God to parents for their spiritual nurture.  (Genesis 12:8; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Psalm 78:5-8; Psalm 113:3; Ephesians 6:1-4; II Tim. 3:14-15)

Church Partnership

The local church is the body of believers gathered to live out the great commission.  As a body God has called and gifted believers to serve one another and build one another up in our faith.  The church is called to partner with families by providing tools, training, and discipleship opportunities for parents as they take the primary role as the disciplers of their children.  Where one parent is missing or a child has no spiritual parents, the body of believers is to stand in the gap to serve those children and families.  The church is called to keep parents, especially fathers, accountable for the taking the lead in discipling their children.  All ministries, programs, and activities from the crib through the high school years are centered on helping children live, share, and show the Gospel of Jesus Christ.