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Awana Theme News

Hello Clubbers!

Please check your email and respond to the following.
I am following up on the previous email concerning our annual Awana Grand Prix. To date, we have had only 4 families respond to our inquiry of participation in this year's event. It is scheduled for February 22 and I will need to order the "car-kits". Please respond my email by MONDAY, JANUARY 19, yes or no, if your clubber wants to participate. Otherwise, we will consider not holding the event this year.
Thanks so much for your attention to this.
In His service,
Carol Jean
Good morning Zion Awana clubbers. This week at Awana is "Everything is Just Ducky" snack will be grilled cheese.
Two important notices:
Awana Sunday WILL NOT be January 26. Due to a church member's wedding, quite a few of our leaders will be out of town, so we will reschedule. We'll put out a notice as soon as that is decided.
We need to get a head-count for Grand Prix (February 22) for this year. It's always much more fun when we have full participation. Therefore, we need to know how many of our clubbers and leaders will participate so that we can make that judgement. Please let us know if you will be creating a car for entry this year. The car kits are free to all clubbers and $5 for everyone else (anyone associated with Zion Awana, or ZYM, leaders, parents, siblings, etc. are invited to participate). Thank you for you input.
Happy New Year everyone. Awana is back in full force for the second half. We only have 17 more club nights including closing ceremonies (for those who are counting). This month will be:
Jan 15 - Everything is Ducky
Jan 22 - Fantastic Faith Super Heroes
Jan 26 - Awana Sunday at Zion and potluck fellowship
Jan 29 - Superbowl Spirit Night
See you all tomorrow night!